Career Forum show diverse career pathways

Career Forums have the power to help set someone up on the career track that will empower them to reach their goals in the best way possible.
Multicultural Futures knows the value of these forums and they are usually held at the end of each semester in partnership with North Lake Senior Campus (NLSC) for students transitioning from the Intensive English Centre into Year 11 and 12, but because of Covid-19 they were only able to host the forums in November this year.
These forums showcase the experiences and learnings of young people through volunteering, community and civic participation, and pathways to employment.
The panelists share a wealth of wisdom about their own experiences settling into Australia, the good and the bad through migration, attending NLSC, and the challenges they have faced as well as their achievements in pursuing their chosen pathway. Panelists cover areas including the value of volunteering and community participation, work-place culture, and the importance of attitude, becoming an apprentice, accessing university though alternate pathways, balancing work with study, and dealing with self-doubt and adversity. 
Career pathways represented at the most recent panel included electrical trade, aged care support work, disability support work, hospitality, education support and community services. 
Question and answer sessions are invaluable at all events, and there was ample opportunity for the panelists to answer the students’ questions. Not only that, but the session also included one-on-one or small group conversations and advice at the conclusion of the session.
Photo: Pictured here are panel members from the second forum: Nebyeluel Weldeyesus, Sarah Malema and Daj Janneh, former students from North Lake Senior campus who have accessed services from Multicultural Futures, and Hivi Amadi, a previous Multicultural Futures volunteer who assisted with the Job Club at North Lake Senior Campus.