Music, creativity and innovation

By Erika von Kaschke

The past ten years at least have been marked by disruption – leaders and creators that have found new ways of making the world a better place for end users. This has proven to be very helpful in this time where we are dealing with a Covid-19 world that have forced most people to be socially distant, yet digitally more connected.

When I say disruption, think of Netflix. They have completely changed the way people watch movies and TV shows. Not only have they made it possible for the end-user to decide when or where they would like to be entertained, but it has also enabled global collaboration and allowed smaller enterprises to produce a product that is now accessible around the globe. Essentially Netflix and the likes have removed Hollywood style production companies that acted as gatekeepers and helped reduce the cost of bringing a quality product to the world.

Part of this process of disruptive thinking is not shying away from the unknown, particularly mixing creative thinking across various cultures.

Without knowing it, from the beginning the World Music Café has had the right ingredients to be innovative at a time like this. Through the Try Test Learn funding for the Multicultural Enterprise Development Project we are training people from a variety of migrant or refugee backgrounds to help set up events that feature international music and food. Our first three shows in the South East Metropolitan region showcased a diverse line-up of professional and community musicians and offered patrons amazing international cuisine. We know that seeing is believing- so, take a look at the musical acts featured at our World Music Café launch at the Gosnells Bowling Club at the end of September 2019.

Over the last month, we have had to rethink our events until June 2020. We have taken our training online and have taken our training to the next level where participants are learning digital story-telling as a marketing tool.

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to hear some of the stories from our participants. That is also the place where you’ll be able to see more about our online shows which will continue to offer our audience a unique musical and culinary experience.