Not just a tick in the box exercise

People celebrating

Each day the 2022 festive season is getting a little bit closer. It causes most people to reflect on their year and the things they wanted to achieve.

For the team at Multicultural Futures going about our core business of creating a better future for people from a migrant or refugee background isn’t just a tick in the box exercise. We truly celebrate the multicultural fabric of Australian society. No matter which program you’ll be reading about in this newsletter, you will be able to tell that our heart and soul goes into doing what will bring about good things for our clients.

One of our greatest celebrations this month has been the launch of the World Music Café documentary. It tells the story of our organisation, just in a different way. It’s the story of connecting people with a new community of like-minded people whilst showing them that we appreciate their culture’s food and music, and provide them with the opportunity to learn new skills that could open up job opportunities. This pragmatic spirit of encouragement, compassion and seeing people have a fair go can be seen clearly in our Mental Health Access Service, Settlement Services, Accommodation Services, and See Me See You Cultural Responsiveness Training.

Join us this festive season in celebrating the beauty of the diversity of a multicultural Australia.

People celebrating