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Health and Wellbeing

People from a migrant or refugee background often struggle to deal with past traumas, stress and the uncertainty of resettlement – putting them at a higher risk of mental health issues.

Having worked with generations of migrants in WA, we realise how important it is to get the right support at the right time.

Our experienced team offers a range of migrant mental health services, as well as cultural sensitivity training for partner service providers to better engage with and assist people from a migrant or refugee background.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

We’re here to listen to you, your story, and hopes for the future.

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About one in five people in Australia live with a disability. However, accessing appropriate support can be complicated and difficult, especially if you are from a migrant or refugee background.

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Community Ambassadors

Within each community, there are people who want to step up and make a difference. Through our Community Ambassador program, we identify and support local bi-cultural and bi-lingual people to better connect their communities to mainstream services, support, and useful information.

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Wellbeing, Alcohol and Other Drugs

We provide a safe, free and confidential service for individuals, families, and carers from migrant or refugee background experiencing difficulties with mental health and /or alcohol and other drugs.

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Art & Craft Classes

Our art and craft classes are a chance for people in the community to come together, make new friends and learn about each other’s language and culture.

Classes we offer include sewing, art, weaving, and doll making.

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UnitingCare West is a proud partner of Multicultural Futures. Knowing that we can depend on the team to readily collaborate and walk alongside us to support people who need our combined skills and abilities in order to have their goals met is, quite simply, fantastic.

UnitingCare West

Access Housing and Multicultural Futures have a well-established, collaborative working relationship going back many years. We look forward to continuing and building upon this relationship into the years ahead as we partner to assist some of the community’s most vulnerable people.

Access Housing

We rely heavily on the support of agencies and programs such as Multicultural Futures in order to ensure best outcomes and recovery for people. The contribution of this flexible and culturally sensitive agency is a partnership that we will continue to build and foster.

Child and Adolescent Health Service.

With help from Multicultural Futures, we now stand on our own feet and by paying tax hopefully, we can give the opportunity for another family to make change for a more peaceful and prosperous life.

Survivor of Domestic Violence and her son.

We highly valued Multicultural Futures’ contribution to developing our first Cultural Diversity Strategy. They brought a wealth of cultural insight and strong community connections with newly settled Cockburn community members which ensured a rich diversity of views were captured.

The City of Cockburn

I feel much more confident in my interactions with families from migrant or refugee background.

There are things I can do now to help improve my intercultural communication efficiency – from strategies listed by participants

I loved learning about the different communications styles of different cultures and the importance of my own personal cultural glasses

Even though I thought I had great understanding of cultural awareness I realise I need to continue to develop my skills and knowledge