Sharing Stories

By Erika von Kaschke

Mothers from a range of different cultures came together at Meerilinga Children and Family Centre in Coolbellup on Thursday 19 November 2020 to translate the baby book, ‘Baby Ways’, into their first language.

The ability to speak and read to your child in your first language, is something that many migrant parents who speak a language other than English really treasure. The opportunity to help translate the book, ‘Baby Ways’, a book that is distributed to all new parents after the birth of their child, is a tool to help parents to introduce their baby to their language, and is a stabilising factor in a period of transition into parenthood.

During this session, participants could share stories about their language and culture over a cup of tea or coffee, and also talk about shared experiences in their parenting journey. There were many ‘a-ha!’ moments about shared words between languages, and also the influence of English on language once you have migrated to Australia.

Sharing Stories is a celebration of stories, multiculturalism and connection. It is another successful collaboration between Meerlinga, the State Library of WA, Multicultural Futures and Connecting Community for Kids.