To tattoo or not to tattoo

By Erika von Kaschke

You know that dreaded feeling that creeps up on you when words just slip out of your mouth and you think- “why did I say that?”

I recently attended a one-year wedding anniversary celebration, and walked in on a conversation where a young girl was contemplating getting a tattoo. She was asking advice from someone who already had a tattoo. Before I could stop myself, I blurted out “don’t get one!”

Not only did a few people (including those with hidden tattoos)  feel judged by me, but my pinstripe dress and pearl earrings made them judge me in return. After a few minutes of awkard silence did my See Me See You training kick in.

I could expand on the conversation, and instead of taking offense, I voiced the fact that what you see is not always the reality. That it is equally easy for all of us and our behaviour to be seen in a negative way, depending on the cultural lenses that we wear.

Interestingly enough though- most of the woman around me that day were from the same cultural background as I, and yet, we could still do with some intercultural communications skills.

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