Together against racial discrimination

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Sometimes there is an elephant in the room, and like Jacinda Ardern’s response after the NZ shooting last year, you don’t want to give the perpetrator any airtime, but in the end you just have to address the issue – racial discrimination.

Over the last few months as public fears and insecurities rose regarding COVID-19, the Australian Human Rights Commission has seen a notable increase in targeted racist incidents in public places discrimination against Australians from migrant or refugee backgrounds. This is extremely disappointing, because as we know, viruses are blind to race and nationality.

The Human Rights Commission has acknowledged that though it is vital to speak out against racism wherever we see it, some people from our communities may face challenges accessing information about reporting racially incited incidents. That is why they have worked with the Australian Government to translate information on how to make a complaint about racism or discrimination into 64 languages.

General information about making a complaint is available here and more detailed information about racial discrimination and race hate complaints can be found  here.

Paper family in hands