Welcome changes to Adult Migration English Program

Multicultural Futures welcomes changes to the Adult Migrant English Program announced on 28 August by Minister Tudge.

Investing in English language proficiency is not only good for the participants, but supports the broader economic and social vibrancy of the nation for all to enjoy. Removing the time limits and cap on hours will go a long way to ensuring everyone has a ‘fair-go’ at acquiring functional and vocational English.

The three E’s of English, Education, and Employment are key pillars to support inclusion, understanding that they do not follow a simple liner progression, rather they can combine and complement  each other. They can be focussed on by individuals and strengthened  in any order, ideally all together.

Multicultural Futures’ CEO shared how this can be achieved, “For example, our social enterprise World Music Café supports English language proficiency and enterprise skills in a real world business environment hosting multicultural events for the wider community.”

Multicultural Futures is a dynamic charitable enterprise that believes a diverse and inclusive multicultural Australia will create a more prosperous and vibrant society for everyone. Founded in 1981, we have built decades of experience, working in partnership with government and other service providers to support people from a refugee or migrant background realise their full potential.

For further comment, please contact CEO, Stuart Tomlinson at stuart.t@multiculturalfutures.org.au or on 08 9336 8282.